Duck Tales (woo-hoo)

Some time last week we noticed that there were ducks in the neighborhood pool behind our house. We had only seen them a couple times, and never really paid them much attention. Earlier this week they were on the other side of my fence in the early morning, eating whatever ducks eat. So I took Evey outside and we looked at the ducks, and tossed them some old hamburger bun pieces. 
I remember reading somewhere that bread isn’t that great for ducks, so on my trip to the commissary that day I grabbed a bag of cracked corn. 

The ducks quickly became our friends, they loved the cracked corn.
Sadly though later that day some mean kids came by and were throwing sticks and chasing the ducks. (sad face) I asked the kids to be nice, but I didn’t see the ducks again for several days.
Today I was thinking about the ducks again, hoping they had found somewhere safe from annoying kids, and I saw them again, they were back in the pool! Hurray! 
But it gets better. 
Later in the afternoon, as we were getting ready to go on our daily walk, I noticed something in the backyard….. 

I think it took every ounce of Evelyn’s willpower to not run up to the ducks. But I fed them more cracked corn and they were so very happy to be in a safe fenced area. 

They have come and gone all day, going between the pool and my yard.
I am so glad they have found a place they can hang out and eat bugs and the corn I give them, without being tormented.
It’s also cool for Evey, it’s like a little zoo in our own backyard. 

Right now we are calling them mama duck and daddy duck, but I think we need to give them real names if they are going to stick around. 
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I'm amazed by the amount of ducks in SoCal. We get them in all the pools we deal with for work. People get fed up with them, but you can't legally disturb them. Then one of our pool techs will email me a pic of a mama duck and her little babies. Adorable.