Our Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

When I left you in our last post, we had just learned that Baby had Type 1 Diabetes, and our family would not be moving to Okinawa, Japan.

There was still a lot in the air, would Paul go without us? What would happen to us if he did? What did this diagnosis mean? What about the dogs (who we shipped to Japan in April)? And the stuff the movers just picked up to ship to Japan? We were scheduled to move out of our house in a few weeks, we had plans to sell our cars, we had potential buyers for both.

First I’ll start with Baby’s diagnosis. Type 1 Diabetes. It’s not something we could have prevented. It’s different from the diabetes that you develop later in life, often as a result lifestyle choices. This had nothing to do with what he ate, or how he spent his first year of life. It just happened. His pancreas stopped producing insulin. Likely his pancreas has been slowly dropping in this function for months. Some of the symptoms from decreased insulin are also symptoms that tie in with growing babies, like increased hunger, decreased sleep. These are things that you wouldn’t rush off to the doctor for. But even if we had, even if 4 months ago a doctor had told us that Baby’s pancreas wasn’t doing as well as it was supposed to be doing, there is nothing that would have ‘fixed’ it. This was pretty much inevitable.

So now we found ourselves in the hospital, trying wrap our heads around this diagnosis, and answer all the questions I listed above. I think the stress of figuring out all of the stuff about our move to Japan, sort of overshadowed the diagnosis. Not in a bad way, but in that we didn’t go straight into heartbreak, we weren’t devastated. Our first step was to swiftly go into action to try to deal with our move.

In short we were able to quickly get enrolled in EFMP, which allowed us to speed up the process of getting Baby officially medically disqualified from moving to Okinawa. This disqualification, although depressing, was vital to our goal of having Paul’s orders to Okinawa modified so no one would have to move. We also had to figure out the situation with the dogs. I haven’t talked much about it on social media, but in April we made the decision to send the dogs in advance to Okinawa, so they would be there when we arrived. Most airlines have a heat embargo during the summer from late May-late September. They do not allow snub nosed dogs to fly at all. This is because they overheat easier, thus it’s more dangerous for them to fly. I immediately got to work with our transport company to get the dogs back to America if we had time, because they had already embarked on the most expensive Japanese vacation any dog has ever had. Time wasn’t on our side though and we were only able to get one dog on a last minute flight before the heat embargo, so the other is being kept with the dog transport until she can fly again. It’s not a perfect situation, but it’s the safest for her.

By the time we got all of the above figured out, we had already begun to work on a routine, we had already had our ‘crash course’ in T1 Diabetes management. We were fast learning about insulin, glucose, testing Baby’s blood, checking for ketones, how to properly do injections, how to use an insulin pump, and how to count carbs. We had a few setbacks, we had some really high highs and some lows, but after 9 days we were discharged from the hospital. I really have nothing but positive things to say about the hospital. We had great doctors and nurses, we met some great people, and we are positive about Paul’s future. We have been told over and over, because he is so young, and we are able to establish his care properly, he will never know what life is like before diabetes. Although things seem difficult now, his life should be easier because this happened while he was so young, versus it happening in 5 or 10 years.

We are now home, establishing our new normal, and learning how to keep everyone healthy. We have had a few setbacks, but we are back on track this week.  We have been working on putting our home back together, it took a while but we were able to get our stuff that was packed up the morning of his initial hospital trip back, before it left for Japan.  Baby Paul had his first birthday a couple weeks ago, and he got more toys and clothes than he could ever imagine.

We are still learning, but we will continue to do our best.

We aren’t moving to Okinawa


We were supposed to fly to Okinawa next week. We had planned, gone through all the screenings, gotten passports and airplane tickets, we were ready. A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday morning, the movers came to pack our unaccompanied baggage, which is the stuff we wanted there when we got there. Before this we had all been sick, for about 2 weeks all 4 of us had been fighting a nasty cold. That day baby Paul was really fussy, but he was sick like the rest of us. As the day wore on, the movers came and left with about a quarter of our belongings, the baby seemed okay just cranky.

Later in the afternoon everyone was resting and I took the baby outside to play and I noticed he was randomly gagging, sort of dry heaving. I decided he should nap too. While trying to get him to sleep Paul noticed he was breathing rapidly, shortly after I couldn’t get him to latch on to breastfeed. This was the most concerning symptom because he’s never in his life refused the breast, but it was like he couldn’t latch because he was struggling to breathe.

I rushed him to the ER. I believe they thought he had RSV, he was immediately given a nebulizer, IV fluids and a chest x-ray, which came back normal. The next step was the doctor tested his blood sugar. At that point the doctor told me I needed to call my husband because my baby was going to need to be transferred to the pediatric ICU at the larger medical facility about an hour away. They said he was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I didn’t really know what any of this meant, except that he almost surely had Type 1 Diabetes, and if that were true everything was about to change.

Within a few hours we were in an ambulance being transferred to the hospital. Baby was stable but his blood sugar was still way too high, and he still had a huge amount of ketones in his blood, which were basically poisoning his kidneys and liver from what I understand. Once we got to the ICU we quickly met several doctors and nurses which told us there was almost no question he had Diabetes. We spent all night testing babys blood sugar hourly, checking the levels for ketones, and adjusting his insulin and glucose dosages. The first night they wouldn’t let me breastfeed him because they needed to be in control of his glucose and insulin while they rid his body of the ketones that were poising his blood. It was a very long night with pretty much no sleep.

The next few days are a blur. He was officially diagnosed with Type 1 (T1) Diabetes, and we rushed to get him enrolled in the military program that helps our family when we have a family member with special needs; EFMP– Exceptional Family Member Program, we needed to be enrolled so we could try to stop our move to Okinawa because they do not have the military medical professionals on the island to treat insulin dependent diabetes.  We knew right away, with Baby’s diagnosis the kids and I would not be moving, but we were desperately trying to make it so Paul wouldn’t have to go without us.

So that’s why we aren’t moving to Okinawa. I am still very sad, for a lot of reasons. I’ll write another post and finish the story later this weekend. I need to dry my eyes and drink some coffee right now. I’ll leave you with a picture of my precious little boy, being a brave dude with his little robot arm, that protected the only IV line that he didn’t blow out the first few days in the hospital.

You know what’s hard to do?

It’s hard to be a full time student, and stay at home mom of 2 kids (the youngest of which has just found himself mobile!), and take my daughter to school 3 days a week, and keep my house in some sense of liveable, and keep meals prepared, and sleep…

and blog.

I have been sucking at it.

For that I am sorry.

But if you are still here….

I have an exciting announcement.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already may know.


New adventures are on the horizon.

I am going to do my best to write about the experience. I also have been making some videos lately if you find yourself on Youtube you should check me out!


PCS Adventure Log Part 2

When we last posted, we had just left Virginia and we were on our way back West, working our way towards our new home in Sunny California! 
Our first stop was back in Albuquerque to rescue Aunt Andrea from all the animals! Because 3 dogs and 3 cats, makes her an animal hoarder. 

We then adventured back to Tucson, to spend a couple days with my family before we checked into California! 

Sadly here my camera stopped working correctly and don’t really have any pictures until after we got to California. 

PCS Adventure Log Part 1

It’s been about 2 months since we started our adventure out of Montana. On April 8th the movers came and packed us out. That was a big day for little Evey, Her first move (from Helena to Butte) she was only about 3 months old, so there was a lot more going on, that she was aware of.
To keep her out of the way we played outside, it was warming up, but as you can see there was still plenty of snow on the ground. 

On April 9th we drove out of Montana and headed South, our first night we spent in Salt Lake City, and then drove on. That second day we stopped at Bryce Canyon. Fun Fact: I’m distantly related to Ebeneezer Bryce, the dude that place is named after. 
Evey was a teeny little monster at Bryce Canyon, so we didn’t stay long. She wanted to run up to the edge of the canyon, and mommy wouldn’t let her. 

We stayed that night in Page, Az. At not the nicest motel, but that’s what you get when you wait until 5pm to book a room in a small town. We got up bright and early the next day, and continued on to Tucson. We made our fun stop that day at Meteor Crater. I have been there once, but I was very young. Paul had never been there. It sounded really cool, but it’s really just a big hole in the ground that you pay $15 to look at. At least Paul was free since he is Active Duty, and Evey was free since she is teeny tiny. 

That night we made it to Tucson, after getting caught in Phoenix and Tucson rush hour, and me almost ending up in tears. I don’t handle traffic well and after driving all day I was tired and frazzled and Evey was screaming at the top of her little lungs by the time we hit Tucson. No matter how many times I said “we are almost there, We are so close” she would just cry. 
But we made it, and we spent a lovely weekend at my parents, relaxing and avoiding being in the car.  We enjoyed fun in the sun, and considerably warmer temperatures. 

From Tucson we went on to Albuquerque, where we stopped at Aunt Andrea’s house and dropped off our monsters. The pets were going to stay with her while we continued our adventure East. Andrea has a Boston of her own, so when we added our two into the mix things got a little crazy at her house. She sure is brave to take on three dogs for us. I know her house was bananas for nearly three weeks. 

Next we continued on East, not many pictures of the drive, it was boring, We did stop a couple times, once in the middle of Oklahoma to let Evey burn off some steam because we decided to push all the way to Arkansas that first night. The second day of our adventure East was equally boring, and that night I had horrible food poisoning or something and was sick all night and most of the next day, BTW being sick and having to check out of a hotel and get into a car is the worst. But I was able to pull it together when Evey got sick too. Needless to say, that day was horrible, but we made it to Grannys in Northern Virginia, and we got a little food in our tummies and slept like angels. I also slept most of the next day, because I was still feeling pretty dead.
We had a wonderfull time at Granny’s. Evey got to meet her Aunt Maggie, and her two Uncles, Pat & Ben, she got to spend some wonderful quality time with everyone. She loved spending time with Granny. We had a wonderful Easter and loved picking the flowers in Granny’s back yard.

Sadly the time came for us to head back west so we could make our way to our new home in California. 
Check back in a couple days for PCS Adventure Log Part 2! 

Winter Blues- update

I think I am back, hopefully I can get to posting again. I have been knee deep in the winter blues, and sickness. What started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then turned into an upper respiratory infection, all over the course of about a month. It finally caught up with me, not being able to breathe, and not being able to get anything done around the house, and barely being able to keep up with Evelyn, I finally went to the doctor and began antibiotics, Slowly I have been improving, and after an antibiotic change I think I feel 100% again, but it’s been so long since I felt better I am not sure. So between being knee deep in snow, seriously almost a foot this week, and the winter blues, I am so ready to move to Southern California, where it never will snow. I check the weather every day, it’s so beautiful in Oceanside, and our forecast is calling for more snow. 

Yeah, I can’t even make this shit up.
Saturday Morning 
Saturday Morning
Tuesday Morning
more snow, yay (heavy with the sarcasm)

But things are still looking good for our move, we should leave Montana some time in early/mid april and we will begin our trek across country to visit Evey’s Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts. Then we will head back west to Camp Pendleton. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have a countdown on my phone and We have about 60 days left until we leave! 

except I don’t think we’ll go through vegas on our way down, we’ll just drive through northern arizona like we usually do.
Its going to be a huge pain in the ass at first because we will be driving 2 cars, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 baby from Montana to Arizona, then leaving one car and the animals at my parents house and my sisters place. Then picking them back up on our way to California. 

For our short time left here in Montana, I hope the weather improves so we can have some nice weekends to spend outdoors with our friends, and Evey’s little boy friend, before we move. It really sucks that both places we lived here in Montana, we start making friends when we are about to leave.

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Where now, brown cow?


image has nothing to do with the post, but it goes with my title.


I started writing this post towards the end of August.

Things have been a bit “hurry up, and wait” around my house.
One thing about the military lifestyle that I really hate is how there is no certainty, until it’s happening. Sometimes you don’t know if your husband is going somewhere, for sure, until he leaves.

We experienced this three years ago, waiting to see if Paul would be leaving Okinawa for Recruiters School in San Diego. He had been trying to stay on island a few more months so he could complete a course. Well we found out on a Friday that he would in fact be leaving Monday for Recruiters School.
Strangely enough this was almost 3 years ago to the day and we are in a similar situation right now. Currently we are waiting to find out the opposite, will Paul be staying on Recruiting Duty another 6 months? will his follow on assignment change? Are we still going to Camp Pendleton?

As I am writing this I have no answers to any of these questions. But by the time I publish it I will have some answers.

In June Paul requested to extend 6 months here on recruiting duty, until spring, in hopes we could get a duty station we really wanted (Okinawa) we figured at almost a year out, they surely could find a place for us there. Well extending here has been so back and forth since June I had stopped talking about it to family and friends, one week we are extending, the next we are not. About a month ago I decided to keep my mouth shut until his orders actually changed. Part of that is because I am superstitious and I think that because every time I opened my mouth something changed that it would be best to just not say anything, and for the longest time things stayed the same. Then I made a blog post about prepping our move to California again, and everything changed. We were told pretty much that our extension was a possibility and his command wanted us to stay on a few more months to get through the winter, someone was going to make some phone calls and see what they could find out about the status of his extension request. This was about a month ago. Then it was silence again. 

Well today we got our answer.
We are staying in Montana until April/May-ish.
We don’t know yet if we are going to California then, or if we will be going somewhere else. I have spent the whole day analyzing every possibility.
I don’t know how to feel, we wanted this as a chance to get back to Okinawa, but we don’t know if that will happen because it’s such short notice again (short notice for overseas move). Perhaps we could go somewhere else like Hawaii? Or we could still go to California, or we could go somewhere we don’t want to go. But it’s a risk Paul was wiling to take, he has done his time here in the arctic north, and we are taking a risk to try to get what we want. Although it’s probable we’ll just move to California in May. I was really getting used to the idea of Cali, scouting out the shopping, food, attractions. Making plans with a blogger friend to get together and go to Daiso. When we got our snow last week I was sort of thankful we hadn’t heard anything and in my mind was preparing for a sandy SoCal Christmas. I have been going over the layout of the base housing we would be moving into, decorating and placing furniture in my mind.

But instead of moving, I’ll be going to the Marine Corps Ball the week we would shave been leaving here, and then hunkering down for another winter.

Speaking of winter, we are having another winter storm warning tonight, we could wake up to snow again tomorrow…..

An Update on Me and a Link-up

Bloody Marys Count as a Salad

Things have been a little busy here the last few weeks and blogging has obviously taken a back seat.

Our PCS plans have been nothing short of nerve wracking. I’ll elaborate more on this, eventually, but now is not a good time. It’ll get it’s own post, maybe next week.

You may remember my post last week about snow, we ended up with about 4 inches. It has since melted, and warmed up and it’s fall again, but I am ready to go somewhere warm, for the rest of my life. I’ve experienced enough winter to last me for a while.

P and I have been working out quite a bit, You may remember we started Focus T25 about a month and a half ago. Well Paul went on vacation for a month, two weeks after we started, so we ended up taking a two week hiatus. We started up again two weeks ago, and we are sticking to it. It’s hard to workout every day when you are as lazy as I am, but it’s only 25 minutes. So progress? well Paul is loosing inches, but not so much pounds, and I am loosing pounds but not so much inches. haha, it makes no sense to me, but whatever I am only about 10 pounds from pre-baby weight, So it took me 10 months to loose 20 pounds >.< but I have lost about 10 of those pounds in the last two months. I have really struggled with the baby weight. I think part of that is because I wasn't really fit before I got pregnant. It's discouraging when you see or hear about moms who have the weight just melt off, and you are not loosing anything. I am part of a mom group of first time moms who were all due in December last year (about 80 in the group), and so many of them the weight just came right off, pre-pregnancy weight was achieved in weeks after pregnancy. Not just the ones who were slim before pregnancy either, even some of the ones who have struggled with weight loss were just dropping baby weight. Nursing is supposed to help loose the weight, not for me. I am still Nursing E on demand and I am still struggling, even with eating better and working out daily, it's still a daily battle.


Evey is a little handful. She is crawling, and trying to walk, and getting into everything. Our layout is weird so we have a mess of baby gates and furniture built into a big baby jail, so she has free space in our common living area to play and get into shit. She manages to  escape all the time and we “chase” her through the house, she loves it. She is learning things, we are working on “peek a boo” and she knows “I’m gonna get you” means she is about to get tickled and she screams out laughter. She loves the dogs and they love her.

On one of our road trips while P was on vacation we ran into some car trouble, my 2010 Jeep Patriot had the transmission go out. It’s sort of a complicated story but after it cooled down it started working again and we weren’t stranded in the middle on no where, but it’s been shitty. It’s still under warranty, but the transmission is on back-order. I have a special transmission on mine and from what the dealership says mine isn’t the first that they have had fail, and I live in a small town. But they let me take it home and I am still driving it, I have been advised to avoid highway driving because it could fail again and not come back to life.So that’s it, that’s why I’ve been missing. I’m working on finding more time in my day to be here though, at least a few more times a week. I know you miss me desperately.

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Military Monday Link Up

Linking up over at Eights on the Move for Military Monday:
Pack it up! 
To kind of go with my theme of prepping for my PCS this weeks prompt seems appropriate. This week is all about packing, how do you do it? 
Moving day 1 of  3.

Well. I don’t. 
I suck at packing. I hate packing. I let the movers do it. They are much quicker, and much more efficient. Plus I noticed with my last move they repacked most of the stuff I pre-packed anyway. 
Unless you are doing a DITY (do it  yourself) move, you may have the movers re packing anything you pack because they are liable for anything that breaks while moving. When we moved back from Okinawa they repacked everything I packed except my rubbermaid tubs, they just opened them to see that they were just blankets (with alcohol hidden, shhhhh) and then taped them up. 
But to a very small extent I am already packing a little. I have a shit load of big blue rubbermaid tubs that I am filling with stuff I have no use for for now. Curtains, bath mats (I have enough for 3 bathrooms, here we only have 2), extra blankets, baby clothes that Evey has grown out of, (but we are saving for number 2,) maternity clothes, purses (because I only carry a diaper bag right now) . I need to repack my sewing stuff, fabric, yarn, odds and ends. All of our holiday stuff is finally out of cardboard boxes and into rubbermaid containers. Mostly I am doing this because I can stack these tubs out of sight, but you could call it packing. 
So that’s it, my big secret to packing, let the movers do it. 
Well except your underwear, don’t let anyone touch your underwear, that’s just creepy.
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That's it, we'll see our stuff, at the new house in the morning ☀

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