Our Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

When I left you in our last post, we had just learned that Baby had Type 1 Diabetes, and our family would not be moving to Okinawa, Japan.

There was still a lot in the air, would Paul go without us? What would happen to us if he did? What did this diagnosis mean? What about the dogs (who we shipped to Japan in April)? And the stuff the movers just picked up to ship to Japan? We were scheduled to move out of our house in a few weeks, we had plans to sell our cars, we had potential buyers for both.

First I’ll start with Baby’s diagnosis. Type 1 Diabetes. It’s not something we could have prevented. It’s different from the diabetes that you develop later in life, often as a result lifestyle choices. This had nothing to do with what he ate, or how he spent his first year of life. It just happened. His pancreas stopped producing insulin. Likely his pancreas has been slowly dropping in this function for months. Some of the symptoms from decreased insulin are also symptoms that tie in with growing babies, like increased hunger, decreased sleep. These are things that you wouldn’t rush off to the doctor for. But even if we had, even if 4 months ago a doctor had told us that Baby’s pancreas wasn’t doing as well as it was supposed to be doing, there is nothing that would have ‘fixed’ it. This was pretty much inevitable.

So now we found ourselves in the hospital, trying wrap our heads around this diagnosis, and answer all the questions I listed above. I think the stress of figuring out all of the stuff about our move to Japan, sort of overshadowed the diagnosis. Not in a bad way, but in that we didn’t go straight into heartbreak, we weren’t devastated. Our first step was to swiftly go into action to try to deal with our move.

In short we were able to quickly get enrolled in EFMP, which allowed us to speed up the process of getting Baby officially medically disqualified from moving to Okinawa. This disqualification, although depressing, was vital to our goal of having Paul’s orders to Okinawa modified so no one would have to move. We also had to figure out the situation with the dogs. I haven’t talked much about it on social media, but in April we made the decision to send the dogs in advance to Okinawa, so they would be there when we arrived. Most airlines have a heat embargo during the summer from late May-late September. They do not allow snub nosed dogs to fly at all. This is because they overheat easier, thus it’s more dangerous for them to fly. I immediately got to work with our transport company to get the dogs back to America if we had time, because they had already embarked on the most expensive Japanese vacation any dog has ever had. Time wasn’t on our side though and we were only able to get one dog on a last minute flight before the heat embargo, so the other is being kept with the dog transport until she can fly again. It’s not a perfect situation, but it’s the safest for her.

By the time we got all of the above figured out, we had already begun to work on a routine, we had already had our ‘crash course’ in T1 Diabetes management. We were fast learning about insulin, glucose, testing Baby’s blood, checking for ketones, how to properly do injections, how to use an insulin pump, and how to count carbs. We had a few setbacks, we had some really high highs and some lows, but after 9 days we were discharged from the hospital. I really have nothing but positive things to say about the hospital. We had great doctors and nurses, we met some great people, and we are positive about Paul’s future. We have been told over and over, because he is so young, and we are able to establish his care properly, he will never know what life is like before diabetes. Although things seem difficult now, his life should be easier because this happened while he was so young, versus it happening in 5 or 10 years.

We are now home, establishing our new normal, and learning how to keep everyone healthy. We have had a few setbacks, but we are back on track this week.  We have been working on putting our home back together, it took a while but we were able to get our stuff that was packed up the morning of his initial hospital trip back, before it left for Japan.  Baby Paul had his first birthday a couple weeks ago, and he got more toys and clothes than he could ever imagine.

We are still learning, but we will continue to do our best.

Wordless Wednesday

We kennel the dogs when we leave the house, Renji eats everything, and Aiko sometimes has accidents (plus it’s not fair to just kennel one.) So we came home the other night and found this. 
Apparently we weren’t paying attention when we called the dogs into the kennel, and Taco the cat was asleep in there, which he does on occasion. 
You can tell by the look in Renji’s eyes, he is just pleading to be released. “oh mommy, please let us out, this has been really scary”

They don’t really fight, the dogs and the cat, but they have a tendency to terrorize each other. Taco is certainly the alpha.  So I am sure the dogs spent the whole evening on their half, while Taco just laid there mean-muggin them.

Bad dog

I am so mad at this little guy right now. 
See he has a tendency to get into shit. But I’m used to it. And to an extent my house is already baby proofed because we Renji proofed a long time ago. Every now and then he finds something. A few weeks ago I broke an ice tray, I was my usual lazy self and wasn’t prompt at cleaning it all up. Renji came trotting up with broken plastic in his mouth. I fished it all out, and after several hours (or maybe one hour) of finding all the pieces to make sure the jigsaw puzzle of broken plastic fit and I had all the pieces. I quit panicking. I know dogs ingesting foreign objects is a big cause of doggie ER visits, I know because Renji has caused us a couple. He also once got a bottle of Benadryl, he only at the bottle though not the pills, this dog has caused me many gray hairs. 
So today. 
I am very protective of my dogs, you could call me a helicopter mom, so I don’t let them outside alone, I let them on the porch, which is contained and about 8-12 feet off the ground. Aint no one stealing my dogs off the porch. Well earlier this week I put my seed starters outside so they could acclimate so I could put them in the ground (and they all died, but whatever). I should mention another thing Renji likes to eat is dirt, and seed starters especially. Well I found that little shit eating seed starters then I found toothpicks. Oh no! I used toothpicks with the names of plants taped to them, Renji has been chewing on toothpicks. Again with the panic. I instantly imagine that I will be dropping at least $300 to x-ray and likely remove toothpicks from his tummy… 
All is well though, I found all the pieces and there are no toothpicks missing. So my little guy is spared again from me dipping into his college fund. 
Please tell me I’m not the only one with a dog that gets into EVERYTHING! 


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It’s been a while since I did this so I am going to throw up some randoms from the last month or so. 

⚠Hey mister, it is not okay to park like this⚠ Taken on Saturday afternoon in a fairly busy parking lot.
This was on a saturday in the parking lot of Hastings where I used to work, A very busy parking lot mind you. We share it with Ross and a Pizza hut. This ass had his lawn chair set up and was just chilling with his dog. Now I don’t mind chilling with your dog in the parking lot grass, but really bro? you had to park like this? in front of a busy business? 

Pro-o-vocatave po-o-sing!  #imacat #imakittycat #meow #instacat

Taco, posing like, well I thought he seemed quite provocative. 

Apparently Montana skipped fall this year. Taken at 9 am. #latergram #fall #winter #montana

Montana just skipped right over fall, we went from the 70’s to this in about a week.

Renji loves to lick all the surfaces, and the blankets, and the pants, and the elbows.
Here he shows us just how tasty the blanket really is. 

Aiko, my brown eyed  girl.

Aiko makes pretty eyes at me.
I get so sad when I look at her getting gray hairs on her face. She can’t get old, She’s my little girl. 

I looked at myself in the mirror a few days ago and thought “damn, where did that belly come from!”

Aiko wants to play , what else is new? #bostonterrier #dogsofinstahram #ilovemydog
I just love Aiko’s eyes, she’s so beautiful 

Renji, being a good dog, hoping for an early dinner.
Renji trying a new tactic to get me to feed him early. 
“maybe if I lay down next to my food bowl she will get the hint?”

Moments lap is where the sunny spot is.  #bostonterrier #instadog #ilovemydog #dogsofinstahram
Two bad little Bostons, curled in my lap, enjoying the sun. 

#montana got some snow last night. #helena #snow
Snow! about an inch. 

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/8533637@N05/8124036150/" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;" title="Little piggy curled up on my belly <img alt="Little piggy curled up on my belly
Aiko curled up on my belly.

And this little piggy stole my pillow. #bostonterrier  #renji #ilovemydog #dogsofinstagram #bostonterriersofinstagram
Renji stole my pillow.

Mom & Renji Roo
Grandma came to visit. Renji loves her too. 
(this is why I have been so absent this past week, I was playing with my mom)

Grandma left this morning so we are back to climbing all over mommy.
And then Grandma left, and the doggies (mainly Aiko) are back to pestering mama all day. 

Okay that was a lot, I need to play more. 
– Alana


Week in pictures

Incase you don’t follow me on instagram (alanamarie26) here is a quick picture update:
Renji isn't napping, even though it's nap time.
Renji, pretending to nap during his nap time.
Sleepy Aiko ❤
Aiko however can’t keep her eyes open at bed time.
Spinach and Swiss stuffed pork chops, asparagus & garlic shells. Yum!
I made spinach and swiss stuffed porkchops with asparagus and garlic shells
Renji an Aiko, doggie school graduates, waiting on their celebratory toy chicken.
Sunday my doggies became Doggie School Graduates, and graduated their Petco Dog Training.
Here at home they sit and patiently wait for their stuffed chicken toy.
Just finished Medium Totoro cross stitch for babies room
I cross stitched a little Totoro for babies room
(free pattern here: Totoro-Chan)
And this is how Renji will sleep tonight. Feet in the air laying on his daddy.
Renji has to sleep on his dad, with his legs in the air.
It's a beautiful day for some sunny spot time ☀
and today the doggies had some sunny spot nap time, the weather is gorgeous and there is a nice cool breeze. I have all the windows open and I am trying to get some housework done so I can clean carpets tomorrow.
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Annual Challis Caping Trip 2012

We just got back from our Annual trip to Challis Hot Springs

This is the post from last year: Challis Hot Springs 2011
I took way more pictures last year so check them out.

Our annual trip to Challis is for Paul’s Recruiter training, and mandatory fun time. Anyone in the military knows about mandatory fun time. Most units we’ve been with it’s a day, family day, where everyone gets together for a BBQ and other outdoor fun. But since we are all spread out over several states we have to meet in the middle.

This year was a day longer than last year, and in my current condition that was one day too many. 4 months pregnant, camping in 80 degree weather for 5 days was too much. I felt like a party pooper but I was just having such a hard time during the day. But we still managed to have fun.

We had some problems with this little guy at first. He was attacked shortly after Challis last year and has shown quite a bit of fear based agression towards other dogs since. Although we’ve been training against it, but this weekend was tough for him. There were so many families, and about half of them had dogs. As each day went by he calmed down more and more, but he was still a hand-full with his incessant barking and he would often run to the end of his lead with his lunging and barking.

Cooling off
our campsite, we are the one in the back with a screen room.
Beating the heat.
Cooling off in the AC in the car because it was just too damn hot.
The biggest deal this weekend (to our little family) was Paul’s reenlistment ceremony.
It was done on the last full day after the eco challenge.
4 more years in the Marine Corps for our family.
She won't eat out of her bowl, only off the floor.
Aiko wouldnt eat out of her dog bowl the whole time, so she ate off the floor.
The drive home Renji was very anxious to get there.
Naked doggies
And now I have two pooped out naked doggies. They get to be harness/collar free for a few days because they have been living in harnesses all week and have some areas that are a rubbed a little raw from them.
(and they are so cute naked)

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Naughty Doggies, Getting Schooled.

Return of the sunny spot! Rejoice!
It’s not a huge secret that I have two unruly dogs. 
They pretty much run the house, they do what they want, when they want. 
They don’t listen much, they beg, 
They are redonkulously annoying when it comes to toys (AIKO) 
They run amok in the middle of the night (RENJI!)
They eat things that aren’t food, and as I write this I just pulled two rocks out of Renji’s mouth. 
But they are cute, and I love them with all my heart. 
Well my naughty doggies have never had any formal training. 
I got some training with Aiko when she was a babe, but I didn’t keep it up. When we got Renji most of Aiko’s training went out the window. She still will sit, and sort of stay, but that’s it. 
When we have company over thats when it’s most embarrassing. They jump and nip, and claw and climb all over guests. 
I have told myself a thousand times that I want to sign them up for classes. But I have been procrastinating big time. 
But today I did it, I took a big step forward in the schooling for my dogs. I signed them up for classes at Petco. The dog trainer is a regular over at Hastings, where I work. So I know her a little. She is really nice and she has met the dogs when we bring them in to get dog food. 
We start next Sunday and the dogs don’t know it yet but I am sure they will be excited to go into town once a week and play with another human. 
Aiko has some social anxiety, you’d never know from seeing her in the house, her domain. A few times we have brought her to Petco and she gets all excited when people pet her and she has peed on the floor. She also hate tile. Petco is all tile. She gets really shy in public so I am hoping that she does well and that the prior training I have given her will shine through. 
Princess Pants
*really mom? but I don’t need no training*
Prince charming
*I’m plenty smart*

I love my babies

Naughty doggie duo.
Aiko & Renji being naughty

Sweet dreams
Renji napping in the laundry

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/8533637@N05/6849475584/" title="Renji is not asleep yet but working on it <img alt="Renji is not asleep yet but working on it
Renji with cute feets

Aiko is a sleepy piggy.
Aiko sleeping on my pillow

Tacos favorite time of the week is when I change the sheets.
Taco helping me make the bed

Aiko and her pig on the new dog bed. #petstagram #sewing
Aiko and her piggy on the bed I made.

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Polar Bear Pounce

You know that thing Polar Bears to do break though the ice to get to the seals so they can eat them?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0KuLidKrZY]

where they rear up on their back legs and pounce down on the front legs with great force?

Well, My naughty doggie Renji like to do this to unsuspecting humans, He gets great amusement from doing it to Paul and crushing his balls.

Funny shit.