I’m a little broken

I’ve never broken a bone.


Not even a toe.
(that I know of)

Until now.

I’m in a fitness walking class, and the last couple weeks have gotten intense. The distance has dramatically increased. As have my personal goals. If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been working to increase my distance and speed.

I beat my fastest time! #fastest #runkeeper #crushedit

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I am very sad to say that my goals of finishing my miles for my class, and doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run next month have been crushed.

I have had some wicked shin pain for a few weeks, Shin Splints I keep telling myself. Stretching helps, but they come back, and last longer, and hurt like a Mo-Fo.

I noticed the pain was really coming from one area, and once all my shin pain had subsided, if I touched, or bumped this one small area, about the size of a pea, it was excruciating. Like reeling back in pain.

I finally got to the doctor and my diagnosis is “probable stress fracture of my tibia” Because I can walk with little to no pain, he wasn’t going to put me through extra appointments and MRI to diagnose because treatment would be the same. But I either have a stress fracture, or I am forming one. So no activity for 2 weeks, then I can try light impact exercise, like cycling or swimming. in 4 weeks I go in to recheck.


And of course now because my hypochondriac ass has a diagnosis, I feel like it starting to hurt constantly, so I must be dying, or the bone is surely getting ready to snap in half.
Which seriously isn’t funny. I had a friend who broke his leg a few years ago, and he spent like WEEKS in the hospital.

So for now I monitor it.
and hope it doesn’t snap in half.

and there goes my hopes of dying an old lady who never broke a bone in her life.

The image attached to this post is not my X-Ray. Mine is somewhere at the Navel Hospital.

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Kara - RofaMW
7 years ago

That sucks. The mud run would be fun! I used to get shin splints and they were awful. Everytime I think I should start running again, I remember the shin splints and I change my mind.