A tale of too many cameras, and the one I broke.

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I love my cameras.

My main photo camera is my Nikon D3000. I’ve had it for about 5 years now and it’s my best. I have two additional lenses besides the standard 55mm one. I use it frequently. It however does not have video capabilities.

I also have my iPhone, which I use the most often because it’s always with me. I don’t use it for video, except baby videos because there is usually no space on it.

Go Pro

I have My GoPro, which is by far the best video camera, but not good for vlogs, because no one looks pretty 2 feet in front of a fish eye lens.

I have two webcams I can use for vlogging, but the built in one on the mac is grainy, The external one on the PC is not as grainy but not as clear as I’d like.

I have my point and shoot, which I always lose. When I can find it the battery is dead and when I find the charger I’ve normally lost the camera again. But I did find both today and it’s charging. It seems to be having an lens error, but it works, just sounds rough when I turn it off and on.

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder Mine is like this but with a Hello Kitty skin
Flip Ultra HD Camcorder
Mine is like this but with a Hello Kitty skin

Finally my flip camera. This was a great camera. It worked really well, shot HD, took AA batteries, so no charger to lose. It was a sweet little purse camera, and great for vlogging because it fit right on my tiny desktop tripod. Well I was using it while Geocaching Sunday and I dropped it. And it stopped working. So I took it apart. Couldn’t find what was wrong, put it back together, and it still doesn’t work. Found a “fix” for it, tried it, still doesn’t work. took it apart again, found I actually broke part of it when I took it apart. Ugh.
I found a part to fix what I broke, but I don’t know if I want to spend $20 to fix something that may not fix the camera, It could still not work. So I am a little pissed. And they don’t make Flip cameras anymore.

I may order the part I fixed, and if that doesn’t work find a repair shop.

I hope I get it working again someday, because it’s a great little camera.

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