Top 10 Things I like about So-Cal.


We’ll we’ve been here a year this month. Over the last year SoCal has really started to grow on me. There are things I like and things I don’t like. But today is a good day, so I am going to write about the great things here.

  1. Beach- Duh. I love the ocean. Although the waves are kind of strong here, and I’ve only actually been in the water once or twice, I still love going to the beach with my little family.
  2. Restaurants– Compared to Montana, where we could get burgers, Steaks, or mediocre Mexican, there are a lot of choices here. Unfortunately this usually turns into an hour long debate of what kind of food we want, then we have to narrow it down to a restaurant.
  3. Weather- I can’t complain about the weather. Yeah there is May-Gray and June-Gloom, but even then it’s still pretty nice. Like really nice.
  4. Travel Time- Not only do we have an airport that has inexpensive flights from the East coast where Paul’s mom is, but we are less than a days drive from my moms house in Arizona.
  5. Base services- We have a Commissary, Base Exchange, Hospital, Doctors, and even a few restaurants, right at our fingertips without even having to leave base.
  6. It doesn’t Snow- Okay this could fall under weather, but I can’t stress enough how much I am happy it doesn’t snow dozens of inches/feet here.
  7. Target- No target in Butte, Mt and the one in Helena was tiny. I am so happy we have a Target here.
  8. Microbrewery- We had some good brews in Montana, but there is such a huge selection of micro breweries here in So Cal. I seriously can’t get enough. Everyone has a good beer.
  9. Seafood- The Oceanside harbor is right outside the gate, With several seafood choices. Yum! I love seafood.
  10. Mexican food- I am so happy to be back in the southern part of the country where Mexican food is plentiful, Margaritas and Carnitas all day long.

Are you in California? What are your favorite things? How about where you live?

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