Wanderlust Wednesday

Researching this post, looking at pictures and campsites, has made me want to go camping so incredibly bad. We can’t seem to find time to do it though. I hope we get a chance soon.
We ditched our tent when we moved here from Butte, and I am now fighting the urge to go buy a new tent right now and run away for the weekend with my family.

sequoia national park...
Flickr User: asim choudhri

Tunnel Log, Sequoia National Park
Flickr User: ladigue_99

Hitchcock Lakes, Sequoia National Park
Hitchcock Lakes, Sequoia National Park
Flickr User: Steve Dunleavy

Sequoia National Park
Flickr User: Sankar

His Majesty General Sherman
General Sherman
Flickr User: Norbert Trewin

Snowshoeing among the Big Trees, Sequoia NP
Flickr User: Niall Fritz

Sequoia Forest - 2
Flickr User: cloudbi

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Dina Farmer
7 years ago

Oh how fun! I’ve never been out that way. Only SoCal, my dad did use to live up there in Sacramento and he always told me we should go see the redwoods and it never happened. I love this!! Thanks so much for this!