San Diego Safari Park

We recently made a very fun day trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We had a total blast. I didn’t take too many photos but I’d like to share what I have with you:

We started the afternoon at the beer hut. The Evey was asleep in the TULA backpack, so the obvious choice was to get a brew. The sizes were small and large. We did not know that large was 32 oz. These were some big ass beers.

Of course shortly after we retrieved our beers, just about the second I shot the above photo Evey woke up. So instead of sitting down to enjoy those beers we started walking. We quickly came upon the Bald Eagles. They were very cool, there was a pair of them, and one was very interested in making a racket.

We ventured through the park and saw a lot of really neat places. Including a waterfall and a cool tiger statue:

Soon our little Evey got antsy and had to get out of the backpack, we spent the rest of the trip trying to keep up with her.

She pet some bronze elephants, they were much more interesting than the real ones.

It didn’t take long for the sun to come out from the clouds, and it got hot, someone got a little bossy and took a hold of the map.

This way
Lets go this way
No this way
No, wait, this way
Follow me
Follow me, I know the way
Lets Go
Come on mom! Lets Go!
We May be lost
On second thought, we may be lost.
Maybe we should consult the big map
Maybe we should consult the big map
San Diego Zo Safari Park
Just follow me, I’ll figure it out

I shot a little video footage watch closely for the wild toddler at the end

Afterwards we went and had some very sup-par sushi at a place called Hana in Vista. Very mediocre.

All in all the day was very fun, But in my expert opinion the actual Zoo is more fun, but also much more crowded.

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7 years ago

ww keep meaning to make our way there every time we visit the in laws and it never happens. Maybe some day! Looks like you had an amazing time there!