Fixing my mistake

When I switched from blogger, here to wordpress, I made a mistake.
I just copied all my content here, and left Fractured Fairy Tales up.
I just learned that when the google bots search through the internets if they find copied content, they will block the new source from google searches.

This site talks a bit about it

So, more or less, since most of my posts are directly copied from Fractured Fairy Tales, google sees the new site here as a copy cat. So my stuff isn’t going to come up in google searches. Which explains how I only get 1 or 2 hits a week, and it’s from my self promotion on Facebook. I have been getting Zero hits from google searches. But the old blog is getting a hundred or so hits a day still.

I am working on redirecting to the new site, but for the time being I have made the old page private.

I am also working on getting self hosted and getting a domain name. That should maybe happen in the next couple of days, It’s something I want to do now while the blog is still quiet, and my follower base is still small.

In closing, here is a picture I took on my birthday at Target. Someone was having fun with the letters.

iPhone 6 July 121

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Dina Farmer
7 years ago

Target and their letters. I’m sorry to hear about the content Alana!