School is back in session!

School has begun again. My classes thankfully have staggered start dates. So I have a history class that started two weeks ago, last week my childhood education class started and Monday I have another history class starting, and again in October I have another history class starting… At least I think it’s October, could be later this month…

I am going to be a tiny bit overwhelmed this semester. But I hope that I can push through it and keep my grades up. I am mostly an A student with a few exceptions (math).


Also Evey started school last week. She is in a preschool program, going to school two days a week for half days. She loves it. And I love that she loves it. Most kids fuss, or cry at drop off. Evey goes running in, and doesn’t even need to say goodbye to me (sad face). When it’s time to leave she actually fights me a little bit. I had to carry her out kicking and screaming her first day.

Sadly she got cooties her first day and has had sniffles and a low fever, which turned into a raging fever, which ended up being a UTI. So she also missed a day of school because she was home sick.

But after a week of sickness she was excited to go back to school, and I was excited to take her.

And I am excited to go back to school, because learning is fun!

Really, it is, or I would have given up a long time ago.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with myself when I graduate.

If I can follow my plan I should graduate in Spring of 2017 with my Bachelors in History.

Depending on how life goes I may go straight to graduate school, if I can figure out what I want to do. Or maybe a second Bachelors.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll be a permanent student.



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