Wanderlust Wednesday

I have been sort of CRAZY busy with school. But things are winding down. I’ve got a class that ends Sunday and I will be down to one 8 week university class and two full semester community. college classes. I’ve got a big paper to put together this weekend and then I am hoping it’ll be easy going through December.

But being so busy in school has given plenty of time for my mind to wander about places I’d rather be. So of course my  heart goes back to Japan.

DSC_0039 (2)
American Village Ferris Wheel 2010
Paul walking Aiko down our street
Kokusai Street
Sunset in the Road Mirrors
Vending Machine Heaven!

Someday I hope we are able to wander back to Okinawa again.

This week I am linking up Wanderlust Wednesday  with Kassie at Mr. and Mrs. O  Go check her out! 

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7 years ago

How long were you in Japan for? We have been here just over 2 years and have another 2 to go! I know when I leave I will miss it oh so much!

Kassie O'Driscolll
7 years ago

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane! I most of everyone that I know who has been to Oki wants to go back. I miss it more and more every day! I hope to see you next Wednesday!!

Kassie O'Driscolll
7 years ago

Hi, again! I wanted to let you know that I’ve chosen your post as my Weekend Repost! It’ll go live at 8PM tonight. Happy Halloween!