Sometimes I get my best blog ideas while I am lying in bed at night, just before I fall asleep.

You tell yourself, man that’s a great idea, I wont forget it!

The next morning it’s gone.

Thankfully I’ve started writing those ideas down. So now you can know what I think about when I lie in bed at night.

#FroYo date with my girl.

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Last week I had the rare opportunity to go to Target all by myself. I don’t think I’ve been to target alone since last Christmas season. It was strange though. I still felt rushed. I had to get in and get out, no screwing around. Even though I really did have plenty of time. I am so rarely alone now that I have conditioned myself to just get done what I need to do so I can get out of the store before little miss throws an epic tantrum, or takes off running.

6 not so long years ago, while Paul and I were living in Okinawa, he was deployed to Afghanistan. I was alone. All alone. For the better part of 9 months. I had my sister visit for a few months, and I had friends. But I lived alone, I woke up alone, I went to the store alone. I could go a days without speaking to another human if I didn’t go anywhere.

Now I wake up with, and spend my whole day with a little person. I am rarely alone. You see lots of funny cartoons on the internet of parents hiding in closets to eat chocolate, or begging to be left alone just to use the bathroom. This isn’t a joke. That’s real life.

I’m not complaining. Well not right now. I don’t really mind being with Evey most of the time. But sometimes it’s nice to be alone. I often get a quick trip to the commissary, or the corner store, not very long, but that’s about all I really need. Just about an hour of me time. With no one yelling at me, screaming or crying, or begging for things.

It’s strange to look at how much things have changed, and so drastically. But I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

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