Wanderlust Wednesday

Can we talk about food today? I miss the food in Japan.

Yakiniku meat
Yakiniku meat


Yakiniku Grill
Yakiniku Grill & a delicious beer


Sushi Zen
Sushi roll from Sushi Zen


King Taco!
King Taco! Best Taco Rice on the island


Sushi lunch set
Sashimi lunch set


Unagi Lunch Set


CoCo Ichibanya curry!


Ramen and Gyoza


Beer vending machine. Best idea ever


Garlic fried rice


Sunabe Gyro

Le Sigh* I really miss the diverse food in Okinawa. It’s weird, I am in North San Diego, you’d think I could find all kinds of foods to suit my every craving whim. But there is so much that I cannot find. Maybe a huge part of it is my love for Japan, and how I long to return.

Paul and I were talking the other night and one of the things I miss the most is izakaya food. They are these little bar/restaurants that have basically an extensive a la carte menu. You can get some meal sets, but most of the food is single serving. You can spend about $3 and try some squid, if you don’t like it, it was only $3, if you love it, eat 6 more orders. We could easily go out and spend about $50, eat lots and lots, and throw back a few beers, leaving full and happy to walk home. I really really miss that. The one by our house was also very family friendly. People were in there with kids all the time. Everyone was very social, it was a very open area, with a bar area and a large tatami mat area with lots of tables in a big open floor area. You’d sometimes find a group of kids playing in one corner quietly while their parents sat with their friends enjoying a beer and some sashimi. It was quite a bit of fun for everyone.



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Bumble Bee Mum
7 years ago

Japanese food is the main reason I keep going to Japan over and over again! Interesting to read that the Izakaya near you was kids-friendly. I usually shun from izakaya when I’m with the kids because I imagine them to be full of cigarette smoke.

7 years ago

Here from the link-up..! Ooh, Japanese food is sooo yumms! I am of Japanese heritage so I am quite snobby when it comes to what is good Japanese food..! I’ve never been to Oki, but would love to!!

Kassie O'Driscoll
7 years ago

That fried rice. Oh em geeeee! Did you ever eat at Dragon?! I, literally, have dreams about their fried rice. Ha! I so wish I could go back to get some…