If you didn’t know November is National Blog Posting Month. This is something I have tried to participate in a few times, posting goals of posting every day or something impossible, and I have never succeeded for one reason or another. November seems to be a busy month in my personal life. Holidays, Anniversaries, we are frequently traveling and once or twice we were moving.

I have also noticed I often make lofty goals and share them with the world, and then fail miserably. These goals get stuffed back into the closet never to be spoke of again.

So this year I made my NaBloPoMo goal of posting more this month, sort of my re-introduction back into blogging after my “school is overwhelming” hiatus. ┬áBut I didn’t tell anyone. For two reasons, one my goal was just for me, two if I failed I didn’t have to be sad. My goal was also very light, post two times a week. Although I haven’t quite kept up with the twice a week posting, I have posted once a week. So I consider that a success!

Did anyone else have writing goals this moth? Did you achieve them?

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