More random thoughts from a college student

I have gone MIA again, but for good reason. Finals.

study times

I am very excited about the progress I have been making in school the last few semesters.

Admittedly this semester I over did it, and I haven’t done as well as I usually do.

Next week I have finals, and I just finished my 15 page paper for my Japanese history class.

I am not looking forward to next semester. It’s all hard stuff.

After this┬ásemester I’ll only have 1o classes to my bachelors.

Also I will hopefully have my Assistant Teacher certificate in Early Childhood Development, I am still wait-listed on one of the classes I need.

I am kind of burned out and looking forward to some time off for winter break.

I am actually very burned out, but if they were offering a class I needed over winter break I would probably take it, because I am a glutton for punishment. And I really want to finish.

I may still pick up an extra class for Spring, but just because I hate myself. And I really want to finish.

Wish me luck, After Wednesday I am done with this Semester!

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