The end of our defunct PCS

Today we went over the last hurdle in our defunct move to Okinawa, Japan.

In case you are new here, my family was all set to move to Okinawa in May, the movers came to our house, packed up our first shipment and left. That afternoon my son fell incredibly ill and we took him to the hospital. Long story short, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Type 1 Diabetes. It’s different from the familiar Type 2 diabetes, because he did nothing to cause it, his pancreas just failed to do one of its jobs, and it stopped making insulin.

Before this happened we had shipped our dogs to Japan, so that they could be there when we got there. They are Boston Terriers and unable to travel in the summer months (June-September is no fly for snub nosed dogs). We were only able to get one dog on a flight before the heat embargo, in a very tough decision we decided that Renji would come home because we felt Aiko would be better in a multi dog situation.

As the summer wore on I began to feel a lot of anxiety when I would think about Aiko, I worried a lot about her, even though her caretakers loved her and treated her like family. I received frequent email updates with photos to reassure me of her being well cared for. I think Renji was becoming depressed too. I noticed he spent a lot of time just laying around, he wasn’t playful, he didn’t want to do things.  We babysat our neighbors dog a little while ago and Renji lit up with having a playmate, that’s when I realized how sad he has been.

Today we got up and drove to LAX and met with one of the wonderful ladies who fly for Camp Canine Okinawa, and we picked up our little girl.
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Camp Canine Okinawa, they have treated our pets like family, and they have been wonderful and patient with our difficult situation. Although our situation was really crappy, I am happy the way it happened the way it did, if it were not for Camp Canine I don’t know what we would have done.

It’s been a very long summer but Aiko is finally home. We can now put this behind us and continue to move forward.

Princess Aiko is back.

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If you need to ship your pet to or from Japan I highly recommend Camp Canine Okinawa they can be found at-

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