Settling In.

On one hand I am sad to see 2017 go. We had so much happen, some good, some bad, but it was quite a year for my family. It’s a little hard to let go of the year, I know we cannot go back, but part of me wishes we could.
On the other I am so glad to start a new year. A fresh start. Time to take back control of my life, my family, and our health.

So here we are, 2018, we are settling into our new year. From here on out I am going to focus on health. Mental, physical and emotional. For my whole family. I have invested in some crafting materials and I have been enjoying crafting in my spare time. It’s my “mental health break”. I have been working on a Bullet Journal, in an effort to keep track of the things I need to do, the things I want to do, and the other habits I have. I am hopeful that journaling will help me feel like I have better control over things. Also I can remember to do important things, like drink water and do the laundry. I also got an instant pot for Christmas, and I have enjoyed making delicious instant meals for my family, very excited to try more.  I am hoping to get back into blogging more regularly too. I want to share my family and my adventures and my creations with the world.


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