Wanderlust Wednesday

Fall is finally in the air here in sunny California and it’s making me think of when we lived in New England. Paul and I spent three years in Chicopee, Mass where Paul worked out of Westover ARB. It was my first introduction to Military life. It was a great start, tiny base, Paul and I both worked on base, everyone knew everyone. We still have some great friends from there.

One of my favorite times of the year was the Big E, or the Eastern States Exposition. It’s more or less a county fair, but it was HUGE. The Big E goes on for 17 days, and we would go numerous times and still find stuff to do. There was always neat things to look at, cute little shops selling local wares, rides, beer, and food. Oh god the food. I now remember why I was at my highest weight ever while we lived there; New England has some amazing food. Every year, at the end of the night I would track down one stand in particular, the lady sold pickles, straight out of a huge wooden barrel, and I would buy as many as I could fit in my purse. I brought sandwich bags to take pickles home in, that’s how serious her pickle game was. Those pickles were the best pickles I have ever had, and I would sell my big toe to have her recipe. Damn good pickles.

Although I have much love for the Big E. I don’t have any pictures. This was before the time of camera phones and I rarely carried my point and shoot, that still used film. This was like 10 years ago folks. So all these pictures I have snagged from the Instagram page of the Big E.

I hope you enjoy, and if you happen to be near Springfield, Mass in September you should pop on over and find the pickle lady!

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A photo posted by The Big E (@thebigefair) on

#FiberFact: More cotton is grown globally than any other non-edible crop. @NEFiberFestival is Nov. 1 & 2 at ESE! A photo posted by The Big E (@thebigefair) on

It’s feeding time at Farm-A-Rama! #BigE14

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Heaven. ? What’s your favorite baked potato place at the Fair? Photo cred goes to @sarlizbeth_ A photo posted by The Big E (@thebigefair) on

Absolutely awesome picture of Midway at night! #BigEMoments Photo cred goes to @mds1004!

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Wanderlust Wednesday

I have been sort of CRAZY busy with school. But things are winding down. I’ve got a class that ends Sunday and I will be down to one 8 week university class and two full semester community. college classes. I’ve got a big paper to put together this weekend and then I am hoping it’ll be easy going through December.

But being so busy in school has given plenty of time for my mind to wander about places I’d rather be. So of course my  heart goes back to Japan.

DSC_0039 (2)
American Village Ferris Wheel 2010
Paul walking Aiko down our street
Kokusai Street
Sunset in the Road Mirrors
Vending Machine Heaven!

Someday I hope we are able to wander back to Okinawa again.

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