My Youtube Adventure

I have made a few YouTube videos off and on over the years. My oldest videos are from when we lived in Japan the first time in 2008. Those videos were made more to show my family the cool things I was doing, and there was little production involved. My more recent videos I have been making have been cut and pasted together to create awesome videos. Well maybe not awesome yet, but I’m trying, and learning. I love to share and for me vlogging, and youtube is a great way to share.

I also like that making videos helps me out of my comfort zone. I did vlogmas this last year. Vlogmas is where you make a vlog for every day of December, or for the 12 days of Christmas. I should have done the 12 days of vlogmas instead of trying for the whole month because I think I put out about 12 videos. But I tried. And some of my videos were super fun for me to film. Making videos helps me do things I may otherwise not. I’m gonna “do it for the vlog”. There were days that I did more interesting things than I would normally do, just so I could vlog them.

One of the main reasons I am doing this though, goes back to the whole reason I started my YouTube channel so many years ago; We are very far from our extended family, and I want them to be included in our lives. We have family on the East coast, West coast, and several places in between. I want to document our travels for our family, we are moving abroad soon and I want to share our adventures. I hope that they enjoy them as much as we do. I also hope to look back at my adventures some day and smile. I hope they bring me happiness for many years. Also if My adventures help anyone else along the way that’s a huge bonus.

Things I’ve learned as I venture into the world of YouTube

My new YouTube channel Intro:

1. Cameras- I have several cameras. But only two (that work) for shooting video, not counting my iPhone, but I did just get a new one so maybe I’ll work on using it too!

2. Video quality- having a good camera is one thing, but having the ability to adjust HD settings is awesome. With my GoPro I can shoot in 720 all the way up to 4000p (pixel resolution). That makes for some amazing video quality.

3. Lighting- I am still struggling with this one. It’s hard to find good natural light. Using a simple lamp can be very yellow, and casts weird shadows. I have started playing with other light sources. But I am still working it out.

4. Sound- I currently don’t have a mic for my camera. But I have seen that sound quality is very important, and there are many things that can mess up the sound in your video. Background noise, that may not seem so loud when you are shooting can be amplified, and some things, like touching your camera or camera housing can make a lot of noise through the cameras built in mic.

5. Editing Programs- I am a HUGE fan of apples iMove. It makes editing very easy and you can add fun sounds and pictures to fade between clips. But that means I can only edit on the laptop, which has a hard time with the HD videos from my GoPro. I am currently looking for a free or inexpensive editing program for my PC.

6. Computer speed- This is pretty important. I found while working with high resolution videos from the GoPro, that my laptop dosen’t have the processing power to work with the videos. They are choppy and the sound doesn’t align with the video. Things export correctly, but it’s really hard to edit with choppy video.